* ÖNORM = Austrian Standardization Institute
* VDI = Association of German Engineers

Residential ventilation


Indoor air quality has a significant impact on well-being. With its nationwide services, INDUS ensures clean, unencumbered breathing air in living spaces. The service staff clean and control living room ventilation and air conditioners with state-of-the-art equipment, minimizing the concentration of bacteria, fungi, dusts and biological ingredients.


Wave brushing technology for mechanical treatment and cold fogging for chemical disinfection of the ventilation ducts are used. The maintenance and filter replacement of the ventilation systems are also among the services of INDUS. Would you like to know in detail what condition your living room ventilation is in? INDUS offers microbiological analyzes for accurate determination of indoor air quality.

  • Cleaning according to ÖNORM H 6038

  • Increased air quality conditions due to filter changes and regular hygiene checks improves the indoor air quality + reduces particulate matter and pollen pollution ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

  • reduced risk of fire

  • no risk for bacteria in ventilation after cold fogging (disinfection)

  • more efficient operation of the living room ventilation & air conditioning system through a cleaned ventilation system + reduced cost of ownership