• Fire protection and air hygiene ventilation duct cleaning for catering establishments

  • Functional test according to ÖNORM M 7600

  • Ventilation cleaning in accordance with the requirements of VDI 6022 and ÖNORM H 6021 - including documentation of the work steps

  • Complete cleaning between inlet filter and air outlet - including silencers

  • for air ducts up to 40 m in length, with brush sizes from 50 - 1200 mm

* ÖNORM = Austrian Standardization Institute
* VDI = Association of German Engineers

That's why air duct cleaning in restaurants is indispensable ...

Numerous catering companies from all over Austria rely on the competence of our employees and the reliability of modern technology. The air duct cleaning of INDUS can be carried out in the gastronomy at any time of the day or night outside the regular operating hours. The wave brush technique is highly effective and works quietly. The disruption of guests and employees is thereby reduced to a minimum. Extensive covering keeps the appliances in the kitchen clean.

The Workplace Ordinance stipulates that air conditioning and ventilation systems in the catering trade must be regularly checked and cleaned. The cleaning of extractor hoods in kitchens contributes to a better air quality for the workers. This reduces the risk of sick leave.

In addition, regular cleaning of the ventilation system minimizes the risk of fires, which can even be caused by spontaneous combustion in heavily contaminated extractor hoods. If you regularly have your ventilation cleaned and maintained, they prevent loss of entitlement in the event of an insurance claim and increase the safety of your catering business. Talk to a service team near you and have your extractor cleaned. The catering industry relies on INDUS for ventilation cleaning.