Intec E-1622

Pipe-cleaning machine

2. generation

The E-1622 is a portable and handy pipe cleaning machine that perfects the use of the INTEC cutter in 30, 40, 50, 70 and 120 mm diameter pipes.


It has a unique electronic speed control range from 50 to 1800 RPM and a more powerful 1.00 Hp engine than before. Numerous companies are already using the E-1622, and the Indus service teams are also using the combination of INTEC ball end mills and pipe cleaners E-1622 back.


Pipe cleaning service providers stand out with the INTEC cutters from competitors and can convince by professionalism and consistently good cleaning results.


As a customer, you benefit from carefully cleaned pipes, which usually make extensive refurbishment superfluous.

INTEC E-1622 Rohrreinigungsmaschine

Technical specifications:

  • Electric drive unit

  • Filtered

  • 1.00 Hp engine

  • maintenance-free ball bearing

  • 50 - 1800 Rpm

  • Carrying strap for easy carrying

  • 5 meters (16.40 feet) cable with cable rewind

  • additionally integrated tool compartment

  • Display for checking the speed


L 465mm x W 205mm x H 405mm


Matching coil springs:

0.630 in (16 mm)

0.866 in (22 mm)



The speed of the motor can be controlled individually in difficult work areas, so that a loss of power in all speed ranges is almost impossible. Thus, the material stress is kept as low as possible. The speed control ensures the best possible protection of the coil springs and maximum safety for the user. No turning in of the spiral springs anymore! More power from the engine and more precise work thanks to the electronic control.


The speed is easy to change with a knob, the possibility to switch to clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation is ideal for moving out of the coil springs; In addition, there is the option for a design for pulsating rotation, which can be helpful especially for stubborn deposits.