About us

INDUS is a partner of many well - known organizations such as HOGAST, HGP - Hotel Gastro Pool, HANDOVER, Lyoness and in 2000 we filed an INTEC process patent for the most efficient cleaning of curbs in residential properties, with specially developed INTEC pipe cleaning machines and INTEC ball end mills. INDUS works economically and, above all, protects the environment in accordance with current

ÖNORM standards (=Austrian Standardization Institute) and can often prevent you from costly replacement of pipelines.

  • Ventilation cleaning according to ÖNORM H 6021 & VDI 6022

  • Fire protection cleaning according to ÖNORM H 6030

  • Clean the living area ventilation according to ÖNORM H 6038

  • own product with international patent

  • Hogast Partner, HandOver, GastroPOOL and Cashback Member


ventilation cleaning For Commercial and Industrial

The air-hygienic and fire protection ventilation cleaning contributes to a good working atmosphere through clean air and reduces the risk of fire sustainably. Indus carries out the cleaning and maintenance of all components of ventilation and air-conditioning systems - throughout Austria, cost-effectively and in accordance with applicable standards.

Living room ventilation: cleaning and control

You suspect germs or mold in the living room ventilation? INDUS carries out microbiological analyzes and swab samples in order to make informed statements on indoor air quality. As part of the cleaning of the living room ventilation, Indus carefully removes dust, dirt and grease deposits, renews filters and checks all components - of course according to ÖNORM H 6038.

Ventilation cleaning in gastronomy

The fire protection ventilation cleaning according to ÖNORM H 6030 is indispensable for gastronomy companies. Indus has a valid certificate for submission to the regulatory authorities and performs maintenance and cleaning including extensive documentation. Up to 95% of the ventilation is carried out without disassembly of parts and is also possible outside the operating hours.

Pipe cleaning: Austria-wide

INDUS cleans pipes with the patented Intec cutter, which gently but effectively cleans clogged pipes. The Indus service technicians are working for you around the clock throughout Austria and provide reliable assistance in the event of an emergency. For heating pipes and drinking water pipes Indus offers a sustainable pipe interior renovation, which makes replacement unnecessary.

* ÖNORM = Austrian Standardization Institute
* VDI = Association of German Engineers